Health Insurance in Illinois – Illinois All Kids Program For Children

When you bring up the topic of health care reform these days, you are sure to have a very heated, very opinionated discussion. As much as people want to talk about how the decision to make health care more accessible in America will affect taxes or quality of care, the sad truth is that millions of children all over the country are the ones that are suffering. If you can’t currently afford health insurance in Illinois, you should know that there are still options for providing care for your kids.

Children are more susceptible to sicknesses and injuries than adults, and while they are still developing their muscles and bones, it is important that they are taken for regular checkups with a physician that knows them and knows their physical needs. If you have a child with autism, a learning disability, or a chronic medical condition, it becomes even more important for them to have health insurance in Illinois. If you are struggling to make ends meet, and feel like you are being a bad parent because you can’t afford health care for your child, you should know that there are programs that can help.

The Illinois state government has created a program called All Kids that makes it possible for all children to have access to quality health insurance in Illinois whether their parents are able to afford the care themselves or not. Although there are other Illinois state funded programs designed to offer health services if the family is below the poverty level, the majority of people that are without access to medical care are those that work full time jobs.

Illinois All Kids provides comprehensive health insurance in Illinois for those children and families that make too much to qualify for other subsidized programs. A lot of these families are able to pick up health insurance themselves from their employers that offer an Illinois group health insurance plan but are not able to afford the premiums to add their spouse and or children to the plan. These parents are looking for options to get Illinois health insurance for their children and are often unaware of the Illinois All Kids program.

If you are interested in this program, you should know that there is more information available on the State of Illinois website. It is a good idea to read over the qualifications needed to get help through the program to make sure that you will be able to qualify.